TVC Communications Focuses on Local Vets with Mission: Military Care Workshop

It was a beautiful, sunny day at the stunning Rosen Centre Hotel for our Mission: Military Care™ workshop with TVC Communications’ employees. They arrived on Monday and were in the middle of a week-long conference when we had our training event. The hotel’s Grand E was a beautiful and spacious ballroom that was perfect for the size of our group.

TVC CommunicationsTVC Communications Gets the Message

Participants arrived at the Mission: Military Care™ workshop from a morning training session. Many had worked together for years, so they were a fun and friendly group. As we opened with a conversation about the four DiSC® personality types and how each contributes something valuable to a team project, folks had no problem calling out one another as we went over each type. It was all good-natured and demonstrated a real understanding of the concepts we were trying to introduce.

Mission: Military Care™ Gets Underway in Orlando, FL

We broke into the roughly 40 participants into six teams, where they played games and earned items to go in their military packages, which were then donated to the local United Way for distribution to veterans in need. We were honored to have two ex-military take part in our training – including a Navy Seal. (Naturally, we all applauded them for their service!) TVC Communications staff showed more enthusiasm than we’ve seen in some time. They often tried to start games before we could finish going over the instructions! And they played to win. When the same team was the high-scorer in two consecutive games, other teams demanded we check their “integrity meter”! At every turn, the level of creativity, and passion for success was far and away breathtaking.

Once all the teams had picked up the items they needed for their Mission: Military Cares™ backpack, we got to work packing each kit, which was completely full by the time we finished. Our facilitator worked closely with teams to illuminate how the strengths of each of the personality types we’d discussed earlier that day could be harnessed for greater success. There was a little bit of time left over, so we invited everyone to write notes of thanks and encouragement to be placed in each backpack.

Happy to Help the Heart of Florida United Way

Laura Whitfield came from Heart of Florida United Way and was happy to receive the care packages. She is a veteran herself, and now happily helps connect other veterans in need. Ms. Whitfield thanked the group for their tremendous donation and shared a few stories with us. Everyone was quiet and extremely respectful; the room was totally silent as Ms. Whitfield spoke. Afterward, several members of the group helped prepare the backpacks for transport to the United Way’s office. The one-on-one feedback we received was extremely positive, and people felt really great about having the chance to give back to American veterans.