TJX Proves Lawyers Can be Highly Creative, Too

Lawyers and paralegals from TJX come together for a charity wagon build with Magnovo. In the process they prove that when called upon, they can muster some impressive creative skills.

TJX is a legal firm with offices in the U.S. and in Europe. This summer, they gathered teams from both sides of the pond for a Wagon Builders™ charity team building workshop. The event was a success in every way.

TJX Team Members Demonstrate Superb Creativity With Teamwork

Many of the groups who come to us for charity workshops have very simple goals: have fun, give back, or build teamwork. TJX expressed a two-pronged goal: have fun and reinforce teamwork. That’s our specialty!

After ice breakers to get everyone warmed up (they were from all different offices), we got right into our hands-on activities for building teamwork.


Now we’ve seen a lot of company teams working together to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and build teamwork in our workshops.

But this team from TJX? Amazing energy and creativity! Team presentations were very impressive, even for our facilitator, who’s seen plenty. Plus, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves- that’s always a plus.

Wagon Builders™, a Highly Flexible Charity Workhsop

TJX has offices in Marlborough, MA, and that’s where we met them for their Wagon Builders™ charity team building workshop. Their chosen charity was Abby’s House, which is located in Worcester, MA, several hours away. Why that choice? Because Abby’s House helps the community in ways that fit the TJX mission of corporate social responsibility.

That’s one of the reasons we work hard to ensure our customers get exactly what they want in a charity workshop. The benefactor is important, and we will customize your charity workshop so that you can work with the charity of your choice.

That means, if you have an ongoing partnership with a charitable organization, we’re there to facilitate all the details of arranging for donation delivery, donation ceremony, and more.

Plus, little red wagons can be filled with any type of donation after they’ve been assembled. That means this workshop is highly customizable for any type of charity. Abby’s House is a family-oriented charity providing housing, shelter, and advocacy for families.

Abbie’s House

The reps from Abby’s House who showed up for the donation ceremony were kept very busy with the TJX teams. They did a great presentation, and then everyone got to meet them… bonds were formed, and everyone finished the day feeling the world was just a tiny bit better.