Tips Tuesdays: Team Building Icebreakers – The Coin Game

Welcome to Magnovo Training Group’s free series of team building icebreakers.

In this Tips Tuesdays series we will go through a few of our favorite team building icebreakers and give you examples, so that you can work them into your event.Another great icebreaker activity is the Coin Game.

You get a whole bunch of coins, and pass them out among the group. Everyone has to look at the date on their coin, and tell the group what they were doing that year.

Some coins will pre-date the person holding them, so they have to use their knowledge of history to come up with some significant event from that year.

You’ll have a whole lot of fun and learn some interesting and sometimes off-the-wall information about the other person!

Follow this team building icebreaker video tips series as Magnovo’s president and dynamic keynote speaker Rob Jackson provides the tips and tricks that help him and the entire Magnovo team deliver charity team building workshops to Fortune 500 companies across the world.