Tips Tuesdays: The Importance of Feedback

The Importance of Feedback: Learn to communicate effectively with Magnovo’s Tips Tuesdays series

People are always asking me: “what’s the value of feedback?” or “should I ask others what they think of how I speak or should I just assume I’m doing alright?” Feedback is essential to becoming a better communicator.

What I mean is, it is important to understand how to ask for feedback. If we say ‘please critique everything I do wrong’ they will give advice on everything they think is best for us. And we will only focus only on the things we are doing ‘wrong’!So it’s important that when we ask for feedback we ask for both – what’s the positive and what needs improving.

Let them know what you plan to do with the information. You want to improve on your skills but you also want to know what works well so you can connect with your audience.

by Rob Jackson