Tips Tuesdays: The Importance of Eye Contact

The Importance of Eye Contact: Learn to communicate effectively with Magnovo’s Tips Tuesdays series

I talk a lot about the importance of eye contact, but one of the main things we need to understand is that good eye contact is essential for building rapport, connecting with our audience.One of the biggest mistakes presenters make is they read their notes. Or, they read the slides behind them and not look at their audience.

However, it’s so important to remember that it’s hard to pay attention to someone who doesn’t look us in the eye. So if we are just reading that presentation we have NO CONNECTION with our audience.

Therefore, we have just limited our ability to convince them to take the action we want them to take because we didn’t do that most important thing — build a rapport and connection with great eye contact.

So never forget how vital eye contact is with your presentation!

by Rob Jackson