Tips Tuesdays: Face To Face Communication

Face To Face Communication: Learn to communicate effectively with Magnovo’s Tips Tuesdays series

People ask me all the time “what’s the best way to communicate?”Maybe you like to type emails, or others like to take phone calls. But the best way to effectively communicate is face-to-face because what we say and how we say it with our facial expressions and posture say much more than email and phone can deliver!

One of the things that I find that we lose is the ability to communicate most effectively when we cannot see each other’s eyes. We cannot see the questioning looks or if they are not focusing on what we are talking about. We may not be able to tell if they are distracted on the phone and in email we cannot relay emotions successfully. It’s an important way to deliver information — I understand that in this day in age it’s essential to make sure we stay in touch with people.

But understand that the best way to communicate is face-to-face or at least see the eyes of the audience and ensure we are making the connection.

by Rob Jackson