Tips Tuesdays: Executive Presence Workshops and Seminars

Executive Presence Workshops and Seminars: Learn to communicate effectively with Magnovo’s Tips Tuesdays series

Attending Executive Presence workshops and seminars is an essential component to help gain the knowledge we need to take our career to the next step. People ask me all the time “what do I need to do to get promoted?”One of the essential, key things you need to know is the importance of going to a seminar, a workshop that is going to help you with the areas that you need improvement. If we go to one of those and gain – even if it’s only a couple of things we can use, it’s going to advance our careers!

For example, a workshop that I attended helped me better understand the importance of connecting with an audience in a way that I did not understand before. I had always thought it was just my words but I gained knowledge in the substantial effect of good posture, confidently walking up to the lectern things that I, as a professional speaker, had not thought about to the degree that I had previously.

So we all need to remember to keep developing and ‘sharpening our sword’ by attending a seminar or workshop, and ensuring that we not only listen to what is being taught, but we also practice the skills that we learn.

by Rob Jackson