Tips Tuesdays DiSC Series – 9 of 21: The S weakness

The S weakness: Learn to communicate and interact effectively with Magnovo’s Tips Tuesdays DiSC Series

Now I know it’s hard to believe, but even the S’s have some weaknesses! Their greatest fear is a loss of security and change. And they are very resistant to change. It takes them a long time to adjust to change and make decision.They want to take time, mull it over. Really understand, consider all aspects. They are extremely sensitive to criticism. Like the I’s they want to be liked, but as an S they also want to be appreciated.

So they have a harder time communicating their emotions. And they keep emotions inside sometimes. And they can have a tendency to hold a grudge. So if someone does them wrong they will take a little longer to get over that situation.

One of the biggest challenges they have is setting priorities because they are so focused on getting everything else done for everyone.

The Steady people need to make sure they can focus on the big picture and not just their section.