Tips Tuesdays DiSC Series – 15 of 21: Comparing DiSC Types

Comparing DiSC Types: Learn to communicate and interact effectively with Magnovo’s Tips Tuesdays DiSC Series

In this section we will compare the different personality styles. We will look at the D, I, S, C and how they ask questions.A D will ask the What questions: “What needs to be done? What are the expectations? ”

The I asks the Who questions: “Who gets to work on this project? Who is responsible?”

The C will ask How” “How does this get done? How are we expected to make this work? ”

The “S” ask the ‘WHY question: “Why are we doing this project? Why are our resources over here or over there? ”

It’s important to understand that D’s and I’s are very product oriented – they want to sell and convince people. The S’s and C’s are process driven and want to get things done.

D’s and C’s are task oriented they want to know exactly what is going to be done. The I’s and S’s are people focused ; they what to be sure that people are the most important element in the project.

The D’s will say “Do it my way'”.

The I’s will say let’s do it in a fun way “you CAN do it”.

C’s will say let’s do it the “right way”.

S’s will say let’s do it the easy way and “WE can do it”.

So, as you can see we need all the personalities to have a fully functioning team!