Tips Tuesdays DiSC Series – 14 of 21: The Value of a C

Value of a C: Learn to communicate and interact effectively with Magnovo’s Tips Tuesdays DiSC Series

Now we talk about the C and the value they bring to the team.

The dynamics are just a bit different; they are those ones who are anchored in reality. They are very common sense people. Very contentious and even-tempered in their approach to people and projects.

Thoroughness and going in order are keys. They are very good at gathering data, researching and test findings. It’s not about feelings, it’s about quantifying.

C’s are very quick and excellent at finding pitfalls and potential problems because it’s all about the facts! We think of them as great quality controllers because they test everything. They follow thought with strong details, they don’t mind the details.

They love to lead based upon their organization skills. That is their instinct: organizing and prioritizing. They are great assets to a team!