Tips Tuesdays DiSC Series – 11 of 21: The Value of a D

The Value of a D: Learn to communicate and interact effectively with Magnovo’s Tips Tuesdays DiSC Series

Now we are to the part that I love most! We talk about the Value of each personality.When it comes to the D they add lots of value. We don’t typically thing of them as a team player because they rather be judged on the fruits of their labor. But they can add a lot if they stay with their strengths.

They are ‘bottom line’ organizers. They see the big picture, their focus is on the goal and go straight for it. They push everyone along with the end goal in sight. High value on time.

They are good with ensuring they have the right resources to get a project done. They will challenge the status quo and do not like the term ‘we’ve always done it that way before’.

They are open to breaking it –just to rebuild it our own way! Innovation is the key for selling, marketing and is instinctive for these initiators. They love to initiate new projects and think outside the box.

Directing and managing is a natural aspect of their personality and is a great value to the team.