Tips Tuesdays DiSC Series – 10 of 21: The C weakness

Tips Tuesdays DiSC Series – 10 of 21: The C weakness

The C weakness: Learn to communicate and interact effectively with Magnovo’s Tips Tuesdays DiSC Series

Now when it comes to the C’s, those correct, compliant people. You know, those data-loving, detail oriented folks.Their biggest fear is criticism. They can’t stand being wrong! You don’t need to tell them you’re disappointed when things are wrong. They will beat themselves up over it.

They DO need clear cut boundaries. They are bound by procedures, black & white. They love procedures to follow.

Their challenge is that they can get bogged down by details and minutiae. Sometime it’s too much detail. They don’t like to verbalize their feelings — you have to drag it out of them. They would rather ‘give in’ than argue with you.

Data dumping can be challenging and cause ‘analysis paralysis’. It’s important to give enough clear data to provide useful consideration.

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Rob Jackson

Rob has been a speaker and trainer for over 20 years specializing in public speaking, personality profiles, sales training, management, and team building. As a former corporate executive, he brings a solid blend of theory and practice to help people connect and communicate. He is a member of the National Speaker’s Association and has served as President and Chairman on several Executive Leadership boards. In addition to being a Certified DiSC Trainer, Rob has logged hundreds of instructional classroom hours. Rob is one of the most requested trainers for repeat business because his engaging style of storytelling and humor captivates an audience and moves them to action.


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