Time to Reboot with DiSC

Whether you work virtually, on-site, or a mix of both, change is coming and you’ll have to adjust. Maybe it’s time to reboot with DiSC.

shutterstock 1951935523In his novel, The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho said this: “It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.” Perhaps never in our lives have we experienced this truth with such intensity and passion as we do now. 

For example, be it ever so chaotic, there’s no place like the office. The hustle and bustle of human contact can be overwhelming and distracting.  And yet many of us welcome the opportunity to see colleagues face to face again instead via Zoom.  Many of us long for that creative spark  that’s so easily kindled by direct contact. Even so, all of this emotional and sensory overload may  take some getting used to again.

Old office, new rules, hybrid routine?

shutterstock 1952399338Readjusting the family budget; dry cleaning bills; planning, purchasing, and planning meals; re-configuring daycare for home-schooled kids, or getting the kids up and off to school again. And bracing for that infamous commute.

The old office routine may feel a bit clunky and unfamiliar. And on top of that there will be new rules and regulations at work. What will social distancing look like around the water cooler or in the restroom? And what other safety protocols will there be to adjust to? What about the unvaccinated? Will your vaccination resist the Delta variant? Working from home may have been frustrating at times, but at least it felt safe! 

Mirror, mirror on the wall—who’s that?

Tall, dark, slinky, and gorgeous. Your social media avatar may not have changed much since the pandemic started, but you probably have. Maybe not at your core, but some of your behaviors may have changed in response to the surreal life COVID-19 has inflicted upon us all.

Millions of workers have suffered from stress, depression, and other mental disorders because of the onslaught of changes, crises, and scares wrought by the pandemic. Their normal coping skills have been no match for the virus and their nerves have been frayed to the breaking point.

Back to the future?

Even if the virus vanishes tomorrow, we’ve all experienced—even suffered—changes in how we see ourselves and the world that have shaken us to the core. Looking back and longing for who we used to be—that’s a bittersweet trip we simply can’t afford to take right now. Focusing on the future and how to find our best selves again—that’s the priority today. And DiSC can help.

Time to reboot with DiSC?

DiSC is a safe vehicle on the road to self-discovery because its ultimate destination is acceptance of yourself and others.

disc logo quadBack in the 1920s  Harvard psychology student, William Moulton Marston had a  simple but profound goal—developing a way to  understand human emotions and behaviors. His research ultimately led to the development of this simple but profound tool.

DiSC stands for Dominant, Influential, Supportive or Steadfast, and Conscientious. These four personality types are common to us all, and just knowing this can  level the emotional playing field.

Navigating through the “mind-field” of personality quirks and character flaws can be intimidating, but it can also be therapeutic when DiSC becomes the navigational gauge. That’s because it’s non-judgmental. There are no right or wrong answers, which means there’s no right or wrong way for you to be. The goal is not to “fix” you but to help you recognize and accept who you really are now. DiSC can help you to discover and understand  why you think, act, and feel the way you do today—living with the pandemic.

And for all the ways that COVID-19 has altered your perception of the world and of yourself, DiSC can provide a lens of 20/20 clarity. Time to reboot with DiSC? Absolutely.