Three Ways Magnovo Can Help You Have a Positive Impact on the World

It’s easy to have a positive impact. Recently we received something in our offices that almost brought us to tears…happy tears.  It was a beautifully-crafted piece of original art created by kids from one of our charitable receiving organizations.

As a way of saying “thank you” for the donations from a workshop we held in Las Vegas just recently, the kids had thoughtfully created a painting of a wonderful tree.  What made it so special was the  leaves, which were made from the kids’ fingerprints, done up in beautiful colors and carefully placed on the tree’s branches.  Each fingerprint is a reminder that we’re having a positive impact on lives at a very personal level, in ways we may not even imagine.  That’s because each child is as unique as his or her fingerprint.

Three Ways Magnovo Can Help You Have a Positive Impact on the WorldThe effect was both visually stunning and powerfully touching at the same time.  It made a huge impact on everyone who saw it here, and it’s become a treasured item here at Magnovo HQ.

That brought home the power of the charitable workshops we offer, reminding us of the many ways in which they impact people every day.  We thought we’d share it with you.

Here are three ways in which charitable workshops help you make a positive impact in the world:

  1. Make a difference with workshop donations.  Each of the charity workshops we offer has participants producing something for the local community, whether it’s bikes, back-to-school supplies for kids, or basic necessities for women living in shelters.  From first responders to those who use wheelchairs, the Magnovo receiving community is very diverse- you an even choose your own charitable organization and make exactly the impact you see fit for your company.
  2. Inspire kids to aim higher.    Workshops that benefit kid’s organizations offer more than just the donations.  For these kids, it’s a connection to your company and the people who work there.  It’s a connection that might otherwise not exist and who knows, breaking down barriers like the corporate wall that usually exists between large companies and their community might result in some real change.  The kids who come to the workshop receiving ceremony, or who simply enjoy the donations at a later date get to see that the people who work in those jobs are compassionate, interesting, and friendly.  They often learn a little about your company too.  It could even spark career aspirations and the desire to do good in school!
  3. Deliver good will and compassion to community neighbors.  The simple act of giving speaks volumes to benefactors from our receiving organizations…somebody cares.  By investing time and energy into creating something positive for their lives, you’re telling them that you believe in their future.  Positive change makes an impact in infinite ways, from simply helping someone get ready for going back to school to instilling hope for a better way to live.