Think Balance when Creating Effective Teams

Balance. You hear it everywhere. Eat a balanced diet. Achieve balance in your work and personal life. What about having a balanced team in the office?

If you are hiring to fill a critical position or supporting a team already in place, you are probably considering how to find a person with the right fit of skills and strengths. It is natural to be drawn to people who are similar in style and abilities, but often the key to success is finding the right balance. It can be hard to quantify what to look for without effective tools to help.

Using the DiSC Personality Assessment to Strengthen Your Team


Think Balance when Creating Effective TeamsThe DiSC Personality Assessment focuses on four key behavioral styles and helps identify the natural strengths an individual brings to the workplace. The use of this type of assessment can benefit both individuals and your organization as a whole by recognizing the preferred style of each team member.

For example, if you have a team member who identifies as a C (Complaint), you know that she thrives on data and results-based projects. Give her information to review and analyze along with clear, concise deliverables and she will excel for the team. If you have a team member who has a behavioral style of I (Influencer), you know that he will grow where he has opportunities to connect with customers or potential clients and focus on big picture concepts and ideas.

Having this understanding of your team has two key advantages for organizational success. First, individual team members gain clarity on their own work style and can advocate for how to best leverage their skills for the success of the team and the organization.

Second, organizations can benefit by bringing a balance of work styles to the team. Every organization needs staff with all the work styles and strengths outlined in the DiSC Assessment, and when job responsibilities can reflect a person’s natural style, it benefits the individual, team and the entire organization.

If you are working to build a balanced, effective team for your business, please contact Magnovo Training Group to find out how we can help you. Our DiSC Assessment workshops can help you succeed.