The Power of Communication

The world is collectively walking through an unprecedented health crisis with the arrival of Covid-19. With mounting restrictions and prolonged separation, the rising question among many companies and organizations is this: how do we elevate morale and encourage team unity in the midst of this pandemic? You will surely hear many tips and tricks to keep your productivity high, but we believe there’s one principle that rises above the rest. Communication is key.

smlmagnovo communication tipsAuthor and former presidential speech writer James Humes once said, “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” Clear, effective, and consistent communication is crucial, now more than ever.  

Clear communication is comforting.

Lack of clarity can lead to anxiety, decreasing trust and productivity. You have the power to ease tension and increase team loyalty by giving clear details about goals, priorities, and best practices. Clarity today will produce camaraderie tomorrow. 

Effective communication is empowering.

You know how your team members receive and process information, which means you have the ability to communicate in a way that mobilizes them. Call out the strengths and skills of your team as you provide them with an empathetic approach to the clients and customers you serve. Purposeful communication today will produce powerful teamwork tomorrow.

Consistent communication is kind.

Many of you are no longer working in the same physical space, which has limited the amount of casual interactions that make your team feel seen and valued. During this time of separation, increase your touch points. Doing so will show your team that you care, and compassion is contagious. Consistency today will produce compassion tomorrow.

There’s no denying it — communication will carry you through this crisis. How can you carry these principles into your new reality?