The Key to Creative Team Building

If creative networking is the key to professional advancement within your field, then perhaps creative giving is the key to creative team building within your company. Why not aspire to have the best of both?

If  while networking, you cast your net in the right direction for the right reasons you may also catch the spirit of giving, and boost your morale and your standing in your community, along with your professional reputation.

The Key to Creative Team BuildingWhat are “the right reasons?” Think corporate citizenship, or corporate conscience. These aren’t new concepts. In fact they’re based on old fundamental concepts of what it means to be human.

What is new is the zeal many companies have for professional advancement counterbalanced with a sense of corporate social responsibility. Instead of networking to get something back like a lead or a new contract, you can network to give something back to your community.

Giving Station workshops are the perfect vehicles to achieve these goals. The facilitators provide the materials, tools, and instructions. You provide the goodwill, energy, enthusiasm and teamwork.


Want to give a special Christmas gift to a needy child in your area? Or how about shipping a care package to a homesick soldier overseas? Charity Giving Station workshops are designed to help you coordinate and assemble gifts and donate them in partnership with charitable organizations.

During the assembly process you’ll make new friends, and get to really know old colleagues with whom you’ve had little more than a formal business relationship.

Have you ever stared longingly at a tube of toothpaste or savored the fragrance of your deodorant? Me either, but hundreds of soldiers do every day. When they’re far away from the home they’re fighting so hard to protect and defend, simple things mean a lot, especially personal items like lotion, cologne, razors, shampoo, shaving cream and dental floss.

A pack of gum; a bag of their favorite candy bars; a stash of potato chips; or a package of cookies. These become more than snacks – they become luxury items! And because they’re donated in love and appreciation, they become treasured items as well.

Imagine children in your area lighting up like Christmas trees during the upcoming holidays as their feast their eyes on the bright blue bicycles, red wagons, and cuddly Teddy bears you and your team generously provided.

Thanks to your creative team building efforts, they’ll also receive a healthy helping of love, generosity, positive energy, affection, encouragement and support.