The Importance of Self-Awareness


How well do you know yourself? What makes you a good leader? Would you follow you? Why or why not? These questions may be hard to answer, but they reveal the importance of self-awareness.

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Who do you think you are?

So who are you? Not just the “masked” or the public face you present, but the real you? Do you understand the person behind the mask? Do you like what you see? 

Are you honest about your strengths? Do you even acknowledge your weaknesses? If so, what are you going to do about them? Are you willing to put in the work to become a better you? Or do you expect your staff to put up with your defects because you’re the boss?

shutterstock 1805360842Would you follow you?

Are you a legend in your own mind? Captain of core competencies. Master of the deep dive. Favored lunch companion in the executive suite. Chances are that your rapid rise up the corporate ladder and the accolades you received along the way may have inflated your self-image. 

According to, “Psychologist Tasha Eurich coined the phrase ‘CEO’s Disease,’ which is when someone works their way up the corporate ladder and gets less self-aware because they receive less and less candid feedback.”

Getting to know you…

shutterstock 1246489711As a leader, are you aware of the attributes of your character that inspire people to trust, believe, and follow you? Do you possess “metacognition”?

The concept of metacognition, according to, is “…literally, the ability to think about our own thinking. Being able to turn our thoughts on ourselves is a defining feature of being human. But we often overlook the power it has in shaping our lives, both for good and ill. The importance of good self-awareness can seem less obvious than, say, the ability to make mathematical calculations, or remember facts. Instead, for most of us, metacognition is like the conductor of an orchestra, occasionally intervening to nudge the players in the right (or wrong) direction.” 

…Getting to know all about you….

Metacognition is quite a mouthful, but it provides invaluable  insight into the importance of self-awareness. And taking the first step in this reality-check requires the courage to risk transparency.

If this sounds like a pretty scary prospect, it really doesn’t have to be—not if you use a safe approach like DiSC personality profile discovery. Like the rest of us, you’ve got a special combination of the 4 basic personality traits: Dominant, Influential, Supportive, and Conscientious. Understanding the blueprint of your own personality can be a joyous journey and an invaluable opportunity to become a better you.

The importance of self-awareness through DiSC

DiSC personality profile training is not a one-size-fits-all  program. Customization is the context of everything said and done during each session. It is a window into the human heart which is safe to open because it’s non-judgmental and wholly accepting of everyone. Which means that the more you learn about yourself and others the more accepting you’ll be—of yourself and everyone else.

shutterstock 569228725And better still, when you identify characteristics you’d like to improve, DiSC lays out a supportive, guilt-free path for you to follow. DiSC coaching tools will strengthen your communications and collaborative skills. 

When conflict management skills are needed, it will help you understand workers and their quirks with greater compassion. And ultimately your entire corporate culture will become healthier—and we all know that  a happier workspace makes for happier workers.

DiSC is a map through the mind-field of self discovery. Heightened self-awareness also increases emotional intelligence and together they makes your humanity a valuable professional asset. Invest your time and energy in DiSC personality profile training and watch your ROI soar.