The Elan Group’s Customized Leadership Workshop Turns Out Rescue Buddies for Charlotte, NC Kids

It was a beautiful winter’s day in Charlotte, NC when the Elan Group came together for a 2-day offsite workshop. The bulk of participants’ time was spent on professional development activities. This was followed by a customized charity leadership workshop.

The Elan Group Gathers Around the Virtual Campfire

Magnovo facilitator Rob Jackson initially met with the 40 participants at the Le Méridien Charlotte to discuss Campfire Leadership™. The group discussed the Penlight leader, the Spotlight leader, and the Campfire leader. Penlight and Spotlight leaders may offer too little or too much guidance and direction. The Campfire leader generates the kind of energy others want to be around. A Campfire leader illuminates so that others can see. Mr. Jackson encouraged the group to look at challenges and activities from others’ perspectives. He encouraged them to explore how Campfire leaders approach problems.

He then led folks through a series of games and activities that allowed people to put those ideas into action. From seemingly simple games like flipping and catching cups to more challenging games involving dice that required logic and strategy, Mr. Jackson demonstrated the kind of Campfire leadership he spoke about.

A Customized Rescue Buddies™ Program Takes Shape

The Elan Group took their understanding of Campfire leadership to the next level through Rescue Buddies™. Activities and obstacles elicited new ways of thinking and approaching leadership, and participants earned parts for assembling stuffed animals. Groups donate these Rescue Buddies™ to first responders for children in emergency situations. Kids often feel comfort when holding a stuffed animal, especially when they’re frightened. Working hard, the Elan Group completed 40 Rescue Buddies™!

Helping the Charlotte Fire Department Aid Local Children

The Elan Group donated their Rescue Buddies™ to the local Charlotte Fire Department. Rob Cannon, a member of the department, delivered a moving speech about how this type of donation is sometimes the only comfort a child receives during a very traumatic time. His words clearly hit home for a lot of the Elan Group members. Many of them were parents of young children.

As we wrapped up our leadership workshop, the debriefing session allowed folks to review and reflect on the three leadership styles we discussed. We’re confident that each of these participants is well on their way to lighting up the world as Campfire leaders.