The Chemours Company Goes the Extra Mile for Kind to Kids Foundation in Wilmington, DE 17594

This program was a combination workshop: Everything DiSC® and Rescue Buddies™. We welcomed 29 Chemours Company employees from around the world. The group met to gain a better understanding of each other’s roles and how to work together using DiSC®. Then they put those ideas into practice with the Rescue Buddies™ project.

Chemours CompanyEverything DiSC® in Wilmington, DE

Because it was a relatively small group, we were able to have some meaningful conversations about the four primary behavior styles and how they’re represented by members of the group. Each participant completed a brief self-assessment. It was fun to see people’s faces light up as they recognized themselves and their coworkers in the descriptions we talked about. Then we asked folks to arrange themselves into four teams, ensuring that each team included representatives of the four behavior styles. Everyone had a good time with this activity. There was a lot of laughter and camaraderie, and the group was definitely operating as a team!

The Chemours Company Team Aces Rescue Buddies™

Once we had four teams, we got to work on the Rescue Buddies™ part of the program. Our games and activities encourage teams to work together and utilize the skills and talents of every participant. The winners of each game we played earned parts for assembling their Rescue Buddies™. These stuffed animals were prepared for donation to the Kind to Kids Foundation, a local nonprofit. By the end of the program, we had 29 stuffed animals ready to comfort children.

Making a Difference Through Kind to Kids Foundation

We arranged for Caroline Jones of the Kind to Kids Foundation to join us as the program wrapped up. She was very excited to see how many stuffed animals the Chemours Company team completed. Ms. Jones thanked everyone for their hard work. She told us how the organization started and how it helped children in vulnerable situations by providing stability and life skills. It was a moving conversation; many of the participants got a little choked up hearing about some of the kids and the hardships they experienced.

Our debriefing session for this group was especially powerful. People really appreciated the opportunity to help children. Everyone relished the chance to get some “face time” and work together in person, strengthening interpersonal relationships. These folks are undergoing a lot of change at work and this combined Everything DiSC®/Rescue Buddies™ program provided them a meaningful way to carry out team building.