The Benefits of Campfire Leadership

Consider the lighthouse: a lonely tower in the middle of treacherous waters warning seafarers with a bright beacon of light. No doubt you’ve worked with executives who function in the same way. Analytical. Data-driven. Better at writing than face-to-face communications.

Their interpersonal skills like “a lonely tower.” Yet it’s this very introspective posture can help them forecast danger and help steer the company to financial safety.

“Lighthouse Leadership” is a management style some enlightened executives prize and cultivate in their subordinates. That’s because they know how to identify the strengths of their employees and even utilize aspects of their weaknesses.

How? By studying and mastering the art of Campfire Leadership, a concept developed by Magnovo CEO Rob Jackson.

Campfires evoke the image of warmth, coziness, and safety. Campfire leaders create a welcoming environment in which their workers feel safe, supported, and even valued as they grow professionally.

In this setting, character flaws aren’t problems; they’re opportunities for personal growth. Quirky personalities or work habits can be woven into the tapestry of the workplace and add value to the big picture.

Campfire leadership workshops can enlighten you and your executive team about how to understand and support the various leadership styles among your staff:

  • Spotlight leaders love the spotlight.
  • Torchlight leaders shy away from the limelight.
  • Lighthouse leaders search out hazards to avoid.
  • Disco leaders love being where the action is.

A deeper understanding of who’s on your team and how to bring out the best in them will make everybody shine.