Terumo Medical Loves Personality Styles Workshop, Wants More

Sometimes, when something is really, really good – like a personality styles workshop – you want more. That was just the case with a Terumo Medical Corp group of 18 workshop participants. After a Magnovo DiSC Personality Styles workshop in Elkton MD this summer they committed to another round, scheduled for next fall.

Personality Styles WorkshopThat’s a pretty intense commitment.  You see, our DiSC Personality Styles  event is a little more involved than your average team building workshop – even those developed by Magnovo.  For starters, it’s a full day of personality training.  Most of our workshops run for 2.5 hours but can be extended by combining our table-top activities with a more interactive charity workshop in the afternoon.

In case you haven’t heard of DiSC Personality Styles training, it’s a great way to introduce colleagues to a higher level of understanding – of each other and the workplace.

High-performance teams often go for this workshop, since it goes beyond what many intro-level team building workshops achieve.

Here’s what the Terumo Medical Corp group accomplished in just one short day…

Before the workshop even gets rolling, each person takes an assessment which puts them into a personality category.  The idea is, of course, that there is no right or wrong personality.  A diversity in the workplace can be an asset to productivity if only everyone knows how to respect differences and work with other personality types.

But before you can work with other types of personalities, you must first gain a basic understanding of them and how they typically interact.  Our facilitators have been trained and certified by the DiSC organization to deliver this high-level training.

Magnovo’s DiSC-certified trainer led the group through four training modules

Our facilitator led the group through activities which focused on the following goals, in this order.  Each participant would:

  • understand his or her behavioral tendencies and develop an understanding of how that behavior affects others.
  • understand, respect, appreciate, and value individual differences.
  • develop strategies for working together to increase productivity.
  • enhance his or her effectiveness in accomplishing tasks by improving relationships with others.

The Terumo Medical group proved to be up to each of these challenges.  The interactive nature of the activities led to a day of fun and humor, despite the “heavy” topics being covered.  We can’t wait to continue the good work in the Fall, when Terumo Medical comes back for DiSC Training Part Two.