Terumo Medical Corp Hones Superior Presentation Skills

One of the most valuable skills company employees can have is the ability to engage an audience during a presentation. Terumo Medical Corp sent their team to us for some practice in this area.

Everyone knows that great pubic speaking and presentation skills can be crucial for businesses. Whether that business is a startup, an established small business, or a global enterprise, the ability to talk about your products or ideas in front of an audience is a major key to success.

Terumo Medical Corp is a  Leader in Their Industry

Terumo Medical Corp has been around for more than 80 years, so they hardly qualify for startup status. And as a worldwide leader in the development of high-quality medical devices, they’re far beyond what could be described as a small business. Terumo is global, with $280 million in annual sales and production centers in Japan and Maryland.

Terumo Medical Corp

So when they came to us for a leadership training workshop a while back, we knew it was the beginning of something great! But this wasn’t our first Terumo experience. They’d also sent groups to us for DiSC® training.

We’d Worked With Terumo Before (on DiSC®)

Although we’d worked on leadership skills with Terumo in the past, we’d never had the pleasure of working with their Professional & Clinical Education Group.  They had heard about the success of the previous workshops and were excited about improving their presentation skills.

This time, we met in Somerset, NJ where the company has its Sales & Marketing Headquarters.

Rob Jackson’s “Superior Presentation Skills” Delivers

Connecting with an audience is no easy task. Some of us are naturally great at it, but even those gifted individuals have to work on polishing their skills from time to time. It takes confidence, timing, clarity, and tons of practice.

And of course helpful feedback from a seasoned professional like Rob Jackson doesn’t hurt, either. Participants who choose Magnovo’s “Superior Presentation Skills” workshop get all of that and more.

The Terumo Medical Corp participants in this small-group workshop got to see themselves on tape, delivering presentations. They worked on important factors like body language, gesturing, and voice projection… all simple elements of a presentation but incredibly impactful on the end result.

Satisfied Customers

We mentioned earlier that this particular Terumo group, the Professional & Clinical Education Group, had heard good things about our leadership training.

We’re happy to report that the group members weren’t disappointed! They gave nothing but great comments about the course. It was a fun, productive day… until next time!