Terumo Medical Corp Continues its Roll

One of the nice things about repeat customers is that we get to build upon past progress. Terumo Medical Corp has worked with Magnovo before, and this summer they were back for more.

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If you’re in sales and marketing, knowing about people helps in a lot of different ways. In the past, with groups from Terumo, we’d explored personality types with our DiSC® Personality Training workshops.

Our very own Rob Jackson had also conducted his famous “Campfire Leadership” program with Terumo Medical Corp groups, so the word was already out that our workshops deliver impressive results.

Working on Delivering Clarity and Conciseness

A team from the Sales & Marketing headquarters was on hand for Day Two of Rob’s “Superior Presentation Skills” workshop this summer. Building on what we’d covered so far, we worked on delivering a clear and concise presentation.

Of course the first step, on Day One, was overcoming everyone’s fears of public speaking. And we’ll repeat this: the Superior Presentation Skills workshop is always given in small-group format. That ensures personal attention and tons of feedback, two of the most important factors of success when you’re working on improving your presentation skills.

Clarity Leads to Confidence

There’s a funny thing about public speaking: organizing your speech for clarity leads to confidence, and confidence makes you stand up taller, speak more clearly, and deliver a better speech. It’s circular that way!

That’s why, in this workshop, we work on all the aspects of delivering a high-quality presentation. We explore the physical behaviors that characterize a good public speaker: the pacing, the articulation, and of course the body language.

A Little Structure Doesn’t Hurt…

But we also explore the actual design of a good presentation. Just like a good magazine article or news story has a template-driven structure, so does a good presentation.

Don’t Forget Technology

The worst nightmare of any public speaker is when technology fails them. Knowing your options makes you a better speaker, too.

The Terumo Medical Corp group also got some lessons on how to use the technology that’s used in public speaking. Just the basics, and the group had what they needed to understand how they could increase the impact of their presentations.

By the end of the day-and-a-half workshop, the sales and marketing team from Terumo Medical Corp was able to come away with marked improvement in their public speaking skills- and a videotape to prove it!