In Tempe, Gore and Associates’ Military: Mission Cares Serves American Troops

Sometimes, a company already has a great team that works well together, and it’s a thing of beauty to watch them go. That was the case when Gore and Associates held a marketing team meeting in warm and sunny Tempe, AZ.

Gore and AssociatesGore and Associates has Heart

When Karen Geissel of Gore called Magnovo for a team building event that gave back, she emphasized how much “heart” mattered to attendees. After talking with Karen and finding out that nearly everyone on the team had a loved one serving in the military, we both decided that a Mission: Military Care™ would be the perfect program.

The Mission: Military Cares™ charity team building program awards items to competing teams for inclusion in care packages for deployed service members while helping participants improve communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal relationships. The Gore team’s care packages would be donated the Blue Star Moms of the Southwest Valley.

Making a Difference in Tempe, AZ

We spent about 90 minutes with the Gore team. Everyone took our usual games and activities to a whole new level! People had fun using a strobe light for our selfie challenge. They took great care in making the Group Writing activity legible (something that’s a challenge for most groups!). Teams relay raced and overcame an obstacle course, pushing themselves and each other to succeed. Because everyone already worked well together, the group needed only minimal adjustment as they moved from activity to activity. People were very aware of each others’ skills and abilities and helped each other to excel. In all, the 11 participants packed 22 care packages in less than two hours!

Mission: Military Cares™ Comes Through

When Jan Richardson, of the Blue Star Mothers of the Southwest Valley arrived, she was met with a warm welcome. Ms. Richardson spoke of the group’s mission to provide care packages to deployed American troops wherever they serve. A few people got teary-eyed as they heard about locations where even things we consider essentials – like toilet paper – are hard to get. Ms. Richardson was wowed at the size of the donation the Gore marketing team put together. The 22 packages included more than 400 personal care items and treats. People shared lots of hugs and photos as we helped load the donations for delivery to the Blue Star Mothers’ offices.

Normally, that’s where a charity team building workshop ends; however, in this case, we all received a message from Jan Richardson afterward: “On behalf of Blue Star Moms of the Southwest Valley, thank you again for coordinating the generous donations through Gore! Your bags will make a huge impact for 20 actively deployed military personnel all over the world! We look forward to working with you again in the future to benefit the community! Highest regards, Jan – Proud Army Mom of 2.”