Your Team Will Care About Charity Team Building if They First Know How Much You Care

As the world-renowned poetess, Maya Angelou once said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

This quote can be applied to infinite situations throughout the year, but it especially hits home during the holidays. Many companies choose the holiday season to host charity team building events as a way to give back to others. While it appears like a good gesture on the outside, these types of events can often lack conviction, the deeper purpose that demonstrates why charity team building events are a good idea in the first place. Without this purpose, you may go through the motions, but your event will lack the essential emotions that make the real difference.

pexels photo 619421Why Emotions Matter More Than Actions in Team Building

As a company leader, you’ve likely explained the importance of team building events. They provide networking and social opportunities, allowing for team members to feel more comfortable working with each other. They offer a chance to develop new skills, strengthen existing ones, and make your company a better place to work.

But how much time have you spent driving emotion into your words?

Do your team members participate simply because they have no other choice? Or, do they willingly participate because they honestly believe in the benefits team building offers?

Any company can require its employees to attend a team building activity, talk about why you’re doing it, and go through the motions. But no team will walk away from the event as a stronger unit if they haven’t invested their emotions in their actions.

Using Charity Team Building to Build Emotion

In the spirit of giving, there’s no better time to host a charity team building event than during the holidays. Over 42 million citizens receive welfare benefits, and around 21% of all children in the United States are living in families that fall below the poverty line.

For many of these families, there might not be any Christmas dinner or presents under the tree.

A charity team building activity can help make a difference to others during the holidays. As an added bonus, helping your team understand what their charitable efforts are doing can help them gain the emotion and purpose necessary for a successful team event.

Anyone can give when they are asked, but it’s better to give knowing that your gift is changing lives.

Contact us today to start planning your year-end charity team building activities, and make a difference in your community this holiday season.