The Team from Hewlett Packard Works To Help Our Military Vets in Dallas, TX

This was a Mission: Military Care Charity Workshop we held in November 2017 for a team of 60 people from Hewlett Packard. Mission: Military Care Workshops are always fantastic because they blend teamwork skills with giving back to our country’s wonderful veteran community. We were particularly pleased with the event we staged for Hewlett Packard. They were passionate, energetic, and committed from the start, with everyone going all out to hone their communication and leadership skills, as well as donate some fantastic care packages to the hardworking people at the Veterans Outreach Progam in Dallas, Tx.

Important Work in a Small Space

Hewlett Packard This was a no-frills event that achieved everything we wanted it to accomplish. There were 60 people from Hewlett Packard in attendance, all of whom were ready to learn and excited from the very start of the event. And even though we staged the workshop in cramped quarters, the size of the room did nothing to diminish the importance of what was going on inside of it.

After diving the group into teams, we got down to business with a few of our mini-games and other warm-up activities. These included customized versions of Say What I Say, Air Counting, and Flip the Cup, all of which were designed to break the ice and get the competitive teamwork juices flowing.

The different teams all showed obvious progress as the day wore on, with leaders coming to the fore and everyone putting their egos aside for the greater good. Once we saw their high spirits and dedication, the positive results were predictable — a huge pile of care packages to be distributed to veterans in need and a more unified Hewlett Packard team.

Hewlett Packard Helps Veterans Outreach Assist Former Military Personnel in Need

Watching the teams from Hewlett Packard work so selflessly for the Veterans Outreach was truly inspiring. Veterans Outreach is located in Dallas, TX and works hard to assist veterans in distress every day. They go wherever they’re needed, helping veterans who are experiencing homelessness to find housing, health care, and a variety of other resources.

A Veterans Outreach representative was present to accept Hewlett Packard’s donation. She expressed sincere gratitude for the care packages and introduced everyone to one the veterans they serve. The story of his triumphs and difficulties was incredibly moving for us all and reminded our facilitators why they love their work so much.