Team Building Values

Team building can cover a wide range of activities and exercises, and team building values should be consistently assessed throughout the process to determine what works best and has the most impact.

Team Building ValuesEvery team building exercise or activity should be a part of the larger picture of creating vision for team members and the organization. Change can often be difficult in the workplace, and you should be willing to try new approaches to create small changes. When you are considering team building values, consider the diversity of your group and what it most needs. Following are some team building activities that can help you to encourage team member participation and then evaluate all of the results.

Job Shadowing

Not only is this is a fantastic way to promote team building, it is a great way to provide team members a chance to become more familiar with the operations of the departments they don’t work in and the services they provide. You can have the finance department play host to the marketing department, and the public relations department host the product development department, for instance. This gives team members a better understanding of the overall company structure and also promotes the exchange of ideas.

Host a Lunch

Everyone enjoys a free lunch now and then. Occasionally hosting a free lunch for your team members will help you to build morale and give team members an opportunity to interact with members of the organization who work in different areas. Sharing a meal gives team members a chance to talk and learn more about each other.

Volunteer as a Group

See if you can find a local charity that could use some assistance from your team. You can do this as often as you want, from once a month to once every six months, on a given day. Once you find a charity, such as a local soup kitchen, recruit your team members to work for the charity as a group. This will raise the team’s awareness of the community around them, and it will raise the community’s image of the organization.

Fit Fight

You can easily stress fitness for your team members by organizing a company walk or some other type of fitness plan with healthy benefits. Give every team member a pedometer and have all of them track how much they walk each day for one month. You can also encourage group walks during lunch breaks.

Assessing Team Building Values

The best way to assess team building values of different activities and events is through direct observation and by surveying all of those who participated. This will provide you with a benchmark in regards to how well your activities were received and how positive the results were. Don’t hesitate to ask your participants if they have any ideas of their own for team building exercises and activities.