Team Building for Pharma Professionals

Team Building for Pharma Professionals

Pharma workers understand that someone’s health depends on the accuracy and steadfastness of your operations. And that pressure can lead to high levels of stress that only those acquainted with the pharma industry truly understand. Managing workplace stress among employees requires a strong team foundation to do their jobs effectively. Let us lend a hand!

Working in the pharmaceuticals industry can be a rewarding experience – your efforts provide consumers a higher quality of life that would otherwise be impossible to attain. But when stressful situations arise, a weak team can raise the potential for conflict and prevent you from operating at your highest possible performance.

Team Building for Pharma Professionals

We Understand the Pharma Industry

Developing safe, effective pharmaceuticals, measuring dosages, and improving product quality for consumers’ health, your company’s reputation rests on the skills and abilities of your workers. Pharma employees take that responsibility seriously, which often leads to recurring stress as they agonize over quality control processes and cleanliness standards. Between manufacturing facilities to marketing to lab testing and development, the range of pharma duties are varied, which can create departmental silos that don’t always function as a whole organization.

We’ve partnered with dozens of pharmaceutical companies over the last decade to help create strong teams that work with a common goal in mind: to achieve organization-level success. In our history of working with pharma companies, regardless of the products they make or the customers they served, we’ve recognized one common reality:

A solid team relies on trust, communication, and a positive attitude.

Working under the stressful conditions and deadlines of the pharma industry, a little support from the team can go a long way in fostering a positive work environment that’s instrumental for productivity. Successful pharma companies rely on a variety of jobs to invent, plan, create, test, and market products to build the company’s product portfolio. And there’s no doubt that teamwork plays a vital role in achieving that success.

Personalized Team Building Workshops for the Pharma Industry

Whether you want to focus on workplace cooperation, collaboration, or communication, our team building workshops are tailored to address the challenges your team faces daily. Our coaches have experience in the pharma industry and understand firsthand how to help you receive the most benefit out of your unique workshop.

Venturing away from your familiar workspace can dissipate feelings of stress or anxiety associated with work to allow your team to focus completely on the workshop. With our unique methodology, your team will engage in hands-on activities that encourage them to think differently and make new discoveries together in an environment that’s conducive for building trust, knowledge, and communication skills.

At Magnovo, we take care to ensure our workshops are thought-provoking and engaging without the risk of becoming repetitive or embarrassing. Your team may not even realize that there are team-strengthening missions nestled within the activities. It’s an investment that continues to produce benefits long after the workshop is over.

Customize Charity Team Building Events

Similar to our personalized team building events, you can spur engagement with your team by working together for a good cause.  Like our team building workshops, our charity events provide more than just an escape from workplace stress. Whether it’s creating care packages for soldiers or wrapping Christmas presents for less fortunate children, your team never stops learning about working together (plus they’ll have fun doing it!)

Past Pharma Workshops

AbbVie Chooses Wagon Builders™ for Giving Back in Chicago

AbbVie, health research giant based in North Chicago, has a lot going on these days.  For one, they’ve just acquired Stemcentrx, which means now they’re even bigger in the field of oncology research.  Cure for cancer, anyone?


BioMarin Builds Resilience & Teamwork While Giving Back to Our Military

We always ask what goals our clients have for the workshops they choose. BioMarin had some unique goals: resilience, teamwork, and to leave feeling like they did something good.


Merz Pharmaceuticals Goes all Out for Customer Service Appreciation Week

This was a Bikeathon Workshop we held in Raleigh, NC for the fine folks at Merz Pharmaceuticals. It was attended by 24 customer service reps, all of whom were looking for energetic and competitive fun. Here’s how it all went down.

Developing Executive Presence in Greensboro North Carolina

Developing Executive Presence in Greensboro North Carolina

When a multinational pharmaceutical company wanted to offer a workshop in Greensboro North Carolina to help their management team develop executive presence they turned to Magnovo Training Group. The key to helping this team was realizing that nearly half the group had confidence issues when it came to making presentations, so we worked on building


Leadership Coaching for the Pharma Industry

A team is only as strong as the leadership guiding them. From understanding the variety of consumer needs to working with vendors and partners to interdepartmental activities, the skills required to perform pharma jobs successfully relies on strong communication and interpersonal skills. That’s why at Magnovo, we believe leadership in the pharma industry should be everyone’s responsibility.

Our leadership coaching sets your team up for success in all areas of the pharma industry:

  • Engaging workshops that elicit imagination and innovation
  • Development of communication and negotiation skills
  • Public speaking and confidence-building opportunities

If you’re ready to strengthen your pharma team with a tailored team building workshop, charity event, or leadership coaching, fill out our form or give us a call to receive a quote. We’re ready to help your team reach its highest potential so you can enjoy the benefits for years to come.

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