Team Building Events With Disc

Team building events that include DiSC personality profile discovery are golden opportunities to teach your colleagues how to accept themselves along with their teammates. Why? Because self-awareness leads to self-acceptance and this is the foundation upon which the strongest teams bond.

Amazing mazes

DiSC is the codeword that decodes your personality. It’s shorthand for Dominant, Influential, Steadfast, and Conscientious—the 4 personality types we all share in some measure.

Our personalities are labyrinths of character, values, and beliefs. They are also minefields of emotions, desires, and conflicts. DiSC is a beacon that leads you through the twists and turns of that wonderful maze you call “me,” without any of those emotional landmines blowing up in your face. Instead, you develop a clearer understanding of why you are the way you are.

Mirror, mirror don’t appall

We’re each the sum of our joys, tragedies, traumas, and dramas. These experiences make us behave the way we do. Often we can’t understand other people, because we don’t really understand ourselves. DiSC is both a mirror of and a doorway to self-awareness. And if you are a corporate leader—or if you’re aspiring to be one—self-awareness is one of the most important attributes you can develop. offered this: “A humorous adage says that if you run into one jerk during the day, that’s unfortunate. If you run into two jerks during the day, that’s bad luck. If you run into three or more jerks during the day, you’re the jerk…….As a leader and a manager, your first job is to make sure you’re not a difficult person yourself.”

DiSC personality discovery will expose the real you. But, afterward it’ll actually be easier to look at yourself in the mirror—believe it or not. That’s because this is a non-judgemental program designed to facilitate self-acceptance and even healing. DiSC also promotes the development of social skills that make it easier to adjust your behavior if recommended. And embracing these opportunities to become your best self will make you a greater asset at work and at home.

DiSC and your EQ

Your EQ, or emotional intelligence, consists of self awareness, social awareness, self management, and relationship management. It is built upon self control, which is the linchpin of most of your social skills.

Amazingly, your EQ and personality type interface with each other in the most elegant way. Your DiSC profile explains why you feel the way you feel. Your EQ lets you know how to control or cope with those feelings, which is particularly beneficial in a professional setting.

Charitable team building events and DiSC

One of the most effective ways to practice what you learn from DiSC training is to host charitable team building events that put your “discoveries” into action. For example, let’s say you’re a Dominant personality with an EQ that needs tweaking when it comes to interpersonal skills. Let’s also say you’re a passionate animal lover. Your call to action: host a Happy Tails charitable workshop to help prospective pet-parents with the financial commitment to adopt a pet.

Workshop participants divide into small groups and compete to amass the most gifts to donate. The competition is not only friendly, it’s downright therapeutic. That’s because everyone knows that at the end of the day, some pet will find his forever home fully stocked with goodies: leashes, water bowls, treats, toys, pillows, blankets, and of course, love!

The process of competing for and collecting these goodies will provide ample time to practice self-acceptance, tolerance of others, and patient collaboration. And remember, personality discovery is just that: you’ll discover that Dominant or not, you have many winning personality traits and leadership skills that are still untapped.

Embrace the DiSC adventure and become the best version of yourself.