Team Building for Event Management Professionals

As an event manager, planner, or support staff, your event’s success hinges on your ability to do your job. And there’s no greater assurance than having a strong team you can rely on to make each event the best it can possibly be.

Regardless of your specific role, the event industry isn’t for the weak. The high level of detail required to execute any event, big or small, takes a team effort to ensure everything goes as planned. Without a strong team foundation, you risk not only a lackluster outcome of a single event but also your entire professional reputation. Let us help make your event team one you’ll be proud of.

Team Building for Event Management Professionals

We Lead in the Event Industry

As an event industry professional, you move miles per minute throughout your day. From fielding client calls to finalizing minor details to ordering supplies and managing budgets, building a stable team to bring your visions to life may have slipped on your priority list. But without a cohesive team in place, your people represent individuals who may or may not be working toward a common objective.

Our leaders have over a decade of experience working directly with event managers, planners and staff to improve communication, build trust, and help each team member understand their role in the big picture. In doing so, we have helped boost the efficiency and effectiveness of teams in all areas of event planning and execution. This success reflects itself both in guests’ impressions and bottom-line figures.

But equally important as making each event more profitable is the ability to dazzle your clients with a job well done. When you work with a team of professionals that’s just as dedicated to the cause as you are, the feeling of satisfaction can make every minute of planning worthwhile.

Custom Team Building Events for the Event Industry

Our in-house team of leadership mentors and professionals can create a team building event to suit your needs. Whether you have a particular challenge to solve, or simply want to strengthen the bonds of your team members, we inject over 10 years’ worth of experience in the event industry into every workshop we host.

Each event consists of challenging yet enjoyable games, activities, and discussions that engage every team member that are best suited to accomplish your unique team building goals. While your team is busy having fun, they are also developing new ways to solve problems and communicate with each other. And these skills can remain with them long after your event comes to a close.

Charity Events for Team Building

Working in the events industry, your entire career revolves around providing a service to others. You live to help others, and our charity team building sessions can help you serve both the needs of your team and others in your community.

Like our custom team building workshops, our charity team building events can help you strengthen trust and communication between members. Whether you’re assembling bicycles for children or creating care packages for our men and women overseas, you and your team will be bonding over the experience and learning valuable team skills.

IiconsBusiness r4 c3Leadership Training Seminars for Event Professionals

Though much of your profession revolves around planning and organizational skills, your business presence and acumen is largely responsible for building your clientele. Investing in personal leadership development for you and your team members can help hone skills and knowledge that would take months or years to learn through experience alone.

By creating a team of leaders from within, you can show your team what they’re worth to your company. Team members who feel appreciated and valued are more likely to work harder and stay with a company longer, which can help you cut hiring and training costs. In addition, your operations become more powerful with a team of leaders managing the scene rather than a group of individuals working on a single task.

Contact us today or fill out the form to receive a quote for a team building workshop, charity event, or leadership seminar. We’ll handle the event details so you don’t have to, and let you and your group focus on becoming the best event team possible!