Team Building With an Antisocial Employee

How DiSC® Training Can Boost Engagement at WorkCan there really be such a thing as team building with an antisocial porcupine or a prickly pear?

You know the guy–he’s more full of excuses than ideas. His body language shouts “Back off!” no matter what’s going on. When tasked with a high priority collaborative project, he’s the very last person anybody wants on their team.

So how did you get “stuck” with him on your team in the first place? There seems to be some unwritten mandate in the corporate ether that every company be issued at least one of these cantankerous characters!  

Sadly he’s really not such an anomaly; he’s probably more the norm than the exception.  The truth is that behind our masks, we’re all brandishing quills or prickles to protect ourselves from one thing or another. So before jumping to the conclusion that your company isn’t a right fit for a problematic worker, you may need help adjusting your perspective.

A DiSC personality profile may help you to recognize that what appears to be an aggressive porcupine charging offensively—quills raised and ready for combat—is in reality a sensitive, insecure soul. He’s struggling to survive by living in self-defense mode 24/7.

DiSC stands for Dominance, Influencing, Steadfastness, and Conscientiousness–and we each exhibit these traits–sometimes too much of one, and too little of another. DiSC personality profile training can help you understand those personal attributes and turn them into company assets.

A DiSC personality profile offers a peek behind the mask into the trembling heart of an authentically vulnerable, fallible human being. Instead of regarding this one as an odd duck, the insights you gain using this amazing tool could reveal that he isn’t so odd after all.  As for the prospects of you or your team building with him, DiSC can highlight those points of commonality you and the other staff members may have with this employee; teach you how to emphasis them; and ultimately build relationships with him.

At the risk of overtaxing this team building metaphor, I ask you to consider this: When handled properly, a prickly pear [or cactus fruit] is rich in Vitamin C, calcium and is a great source of dietary fiber. And the meat is also helpful in the treatment of  obesity, diarrhea, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and some viral infections.

The point is that with proper handling, any employee can become invaluable to his or her company. He can improve the financial health of the firm and actually nurture your corporate culture.

Team building with an antisocial, high maintenance employee–yes, that’s actually a thing [provided, of course, that you’re armed with his DiSC personality profile.]