Tampa Police Department Accepts Donation to Aid Traumatized Children

Tampa Police Department Accepts Donation to Aid Traumatized Children

Magnovo Training Group had the recent privilege to facilitate a charity teambuilding workshop in Tampa, Florida. In just a few hours, the event was able to create 35 stuffed animals for the Tampa Police Department to use in situations involving children.

Police officers must often interact with children and because of the circumstances, many of these interactions can be frightening or stressful for the children involved. Stuffed animals are a small way that children can be comforted and reassured during these times. According to Tampa Police Spokeswoman, Janelle McGregor, the organization is beyond appreciative of the donation that will benefit kids in their communities.

“We are very grateful for these stuffed animals, and the community members who carefully and compassionately constructed them,” McGregor said. “They will help bring a sense of solace to kids who are in traumatic situations, while reassuring the young victims that our officers will protect them from any further harm.”

Rescue Buddies™ is an engaging stuffed animal team building workshop that highlights the importance of sharing resources and expertise to meet the needs of others. Within an organization, when individuals work in silos it hurts the company as a whole. But when we break down those barriers everyone benefits! This message carries through to helping others in your community as your team assembles stuffed animals that come with a unique backpack and birth certificate. Understanding your specific goals will help us select the activities that are the best fit for your team in this fast-paced, fun learning environment.

Magnovo partners with businesses and organizations of all sizes to provide various teambuilding workshops to their associates. The charity team building events not only develop a stronger and more cohesive team, but each one has a philanthropic twist — giving back through local charities and community organizations. These workshops were created with the goal of inspiring significant, positive change within organizations and communities.

The Tampa Police Department’s Mission: To Reduce Crime and Enhance the Quality of Life Through a Cooperative Partnership with all Citizens.

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