The T-Mobile Team Makes Rescue Buddies for Charity in Tampa, FL

The T-Mobile Team Makes Rescue Buddies for Charity in Tampa, FL

When an outdoor event they had planned got scuttled by bad weather, the folks at T-Mobile contacted Magnovo because they knew we get arrange a fantastic team building event for them on short notice. And not only did we design a workshop that fit their specific needs, we also brought it directly to them!

T-MobileGetting Acquainted and Coming Together

This was a warm and productive workshop form the very start, with the T-Mobile team going out of their way to make us welcome. It didn’t hurt that this was obviously a group of people that was more like a family than a group of co-workers they barely know. All this camaraderie and concern got things off to a fantastic start.

We did our part by taking them through the paces of a few of our fantastic and effective warm-up games. This time out, we played things like Air Counting, Flip the Cup, and Say What I Say. We even threw in some group writing exercises for good measure.

Hard Work is Easy With a Great Cause like The Tampa Police Department R.I.C.H. House Program

The 20 participants T-Mobile brought were a newly formed team that works all over the country and barely gets a chance to work together. What they needed from us was fun team building event to play a part in an important team meeting. Their management knew as well as we do what a shared good times and instruction can do for a department, so they wanted a workshop that was both challenging and for a good cause.

All of this meant that a Rescue Buddies Charity Workshop was the ideal choice. After a productive morning, the T-Mobile group kept things going smoothly when they actually started assembling the animals for their chosen charity. This charity was the Tampa Police Department R.I.C.H. House Program, and you could tell the team felt a connection the work this group does by the way they put their egos aside and got down to work.

The whole turned out just how it started– as a warm way to bring a team closer together and a perfect way to give back to the community. The T-Mobile team learned some great skills and the smiles on everyone’s faces was more than enough to send us home just as happy.

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