Successful Millennial Teambuilding at Barings


Our Rescue Buddies Charity Workshop at Barings was a classic exercise in Millennial teambuilding. And every single moment was delightful!

For starters, it was a beautiful day, and we were perched atop Barings’ dazzling new building in downtown Charlotte. The view from the Sky Room was spectacular–the perfect setting for our workshop.

And our workshop attendees were pretty spectacular, too. There were 34 in all. Of these 8 were financial analysts. The other 26 were interns from different specialties including IT, web development, investment banking, and private accounts.

Millennial teambuilding is a privilege

They were also very representative of their generation–there was a rich diversity of ethnicities, talents, and backgrounds. So, in essence, the Barings Sky Room was full of young dreamers with loads of potential. Magnovo was honored to help mold them for professional success and make some of those dreams come true.

And their employer knows a lot about making dreams come true.  Barings is “a global financial services company with local roots.” Their 1800 employees work around the world to give local communities access to services that may fulfill many personal dreams and aspirations.

Their asset management strategies are a substantial benefit to cities large and small. And the corporate culture of this $306 billion firm is built on a foundation of inclusion. From the top down, Barings fully embraces a diversity of thoughts, ideas, experience, backgrounds, and opinions.

Millennial teambuilding means bridge building

Barings goal is always to build relationships with clients, each other, and the communities they serve. And of course, these Millennials were just as passionate about community service. So our Rescue Buddies Charity Workshop was perfect for them. The positive impact on the lives of traumatized children in the Charlotte area was guaranteed.

Moose, koalas, pigs, bird, turtles, porpoises, lions, tigers, and bears. These toys ride along with police and other first responders to comfort a child after an accident.  Or they may be needed after a domestic violence case in which the child is removed from parental custody.

That’s where our toys come to the rescue. They can comfort them because each one is stuffed with love and good wishes. And many of the toys have imperfections which are a form of therapy for kids who feel damaged or imperfect themselves.  

Why charity matters

The group divided into small teams. Each participant assembled their own stuffed animal but had to work in harmony with their team. The workshop was an exercise in shared control. They learn leadership skills that must benefit the whole team.

Workshop challenges were based on the personality styles of the attendees. And during the friendly competition, each point they won was designed to make a point. Communications, collaboration, strategizing, and team-accountability. Think like a team. Act like a team.  

The 34 Rescue Buddies were taken into custody by the Charlotte Metropolitan Police Department’s Freedom Division. Next stop: the loving arms of 34 frightened or grieving children in desperate need of reassurance and security.