Santa Clara County Office Of Education Really Gets the “Big Picture”

The Santa Clara County Office of Education wanted help with team collaboration. Our Big Picture workshop is focused on getting everyone involved in a big group project. That’s perfect for exercising new collaborative skills!

When it’s collaboration you’d like to see more of, this is the ideal workshop. The Big Picture drives home important team building concepts but the end result is a huge, wonderful collage your group creates.

Of course it takes lots of collaboration (and communication) skills to complete the project the way we structure things. That’s because we fold team building into everything that goes on in our workshops- even the fun stuff!

Art Supplies Don’t Get Wasted After the Event

Santa Clara County Office Of EducationAlthough the Santa Clara County Office of Education didn’t have a charity in mind for this event, it’s really not a charity workshop per se. We use art supplies in creating our huge collage. However, they don’t make wonderful donations that make a huge impact in the community (like bicycles do) unless you have a large group and there are lots of supplies left over.

In cases like this, where the group is relatively small, we still don’t like to see anything go to waste. In that case, we have a relationship with the National Gallery of art in Washington, DC. All the leftover art supplies go to their Education Department.

In that small way, we can help them foster their mission of helping the public understand art. They offer a wide range of fun, interactive, and dynamic public programming for students of all ages.

Can’t Wait for Another Big Picture Workshop!

This is one of our less frequently chosen workshops, and we don’t get to host it enough, in our opinion. Of course if we had it our way, we’d be helping companies with The Big Picture almost every day. It’s a really fun team building workshop, and the artistic expression of the groups who complete this workshop is really inspiring to see.

The truth of the matter is, charity workshops like our Bike-A-Thon™ workshop are much more well known. That makes them popular choices for groups just starting out with the idea of a charity  or team building workshop.

But companies who want to try something different, a new way of fulfilling their charitable initiatives, can try any one of our many charity team building workshop events.

They all incorporate good fun team building, plus ways for your group to come together and do great things for the community. Try a new one this year, just like the Santa Clara County Office of Education did!