Salesforce’s Chicago Bike-A-Thon Changes Lives for Local Kids

Salesforce’s Chicago Bike-A-Thon Changes Lives for Local Kids

Salesforce’s recent Bike-A-Thon™ at their company offices in Chicago, IL was a one-of-a-kind event for all involved.

Salesforce Hosts a Charity Team Building Workshop

We joined Salesforce at its company offices for a Bike-A-Thon™ to benefit the kids at the local Union League Boys and Girls Club. The company had done the same workshop for this charity once before with us, and everyone was very excited to do it again. It might have been a cold day in Chicago but the warmth and friendliness of this group was no match for the weather.

Making a Big Impact in a Small Amount of Time

This Bike-A-Thon™ workshop was a blast for everyone! Even though this was one of the shortest charity team building workshops we’ve ever done, it was by far one of the most memorable.

The 20 participants included Salesforce staff plus employees of their top customer, State Farm. Everyone was kind, enthusiastic, and very sharp. It was evident that all of these individuals should be leading sales and leadership within both companies. They made every activity look easy as their group dynamics were almost effortless; their non-verbal communication and complete understanding of each other, within the groups, was astounding. They took every challenge, every activity, in stride, and just excelled.

Supporting the Union League Boys & Girls Club

Even though this was a workshop that both companies had done together once before, we did have a pretty big surprise up our sleeves for participants: the VP of Sales for Salesforce had asked us to arrange for some of the kids from the Union League Boys and Girls Club to come to the event to receive their new bicycles. Once we announced it, we immediately saw smiles on everyone’s faces. When Anabel Hernandez and the children from the Union League Boys and Girls Club came into the room, there were tears of happiness from many of the adults present.

Ms. Hernandez delivered a few brief remarks explaining the immense impact these bikes have on the children in their club. Salesforce has delivered goodness to this club twice, with Magnovo alone, and it was wonderful to see these two groups together again. Salesforce and State Farm employees then helped the children adjust the seats on the bikes so each bike was ready to go when they got home. One child was so excited he exclaimed, “I am never getting off this bike, I am sitting here forever!”


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