Tulsa Team Building – Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Workshop

When a major player in the Energy sector decided to incorporate charity team building into their year-end meeting, they turned to the experts. With a team of employees coming together for an important meeting outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma, they knew that relying on the team building professionals would be key in ensuring that the event went smoothly, and everyone learned new skills while having fun.

This holiday team building event was designed to recap the successes of the year and to discuss next year’s objectives, with communication and unity being the key focus points. Our corporate specialists listened to the client’s needs, learned about the group, and worked with the organization to design the best workshop for their event.

Tulsa Team Building - Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal WorkshopThe Rescue Buddies team building workshop was the perfect fit for the group, as it is designed to develop team problem-solving skills through a series of speedy and collaborative team challenges/activities. These challenges are fun, while being educational and enlightening at the same time.

All of the activities involved in the Rescue Buddies program create a team challenge that provides a unique learning experience while enhancing growth both individually and as a team. Debriefing sessions provide the team with an opportunity to reflect on their learning experiences and look for ways to link these new skills back to real business issues.

In this particular workshop, all the activities revealed the importance of being interlinked and having healthy relations. They also placed emphasis on unity as the only way to achieve goals as a team especially for a business that enjoys a global presence.

The team’s hard work and determination paid off in the form of 25 Rescue Buddies stuffed animals that were donated to the Bartlesville Police Department. Aside from learning new communication skills, the stuffed animal team building event also teaches the value of giving back to the community – which is one of the client’s core principles. While they grew stronger as a team they were also able to have fun and make a difference in the lives of 25 boys and girls. The team will certainly carry the lessons learned and the fun memories with them as they return to their respective areas.

The team hosted a fantastic stuffed animal team building event that helped both the employees and their local community. Thanks to all the employees who participated and made this event a success.

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