Relias Learning’s WheelCharity Workshop Helps Local NonProfit Serve Folks with Mobility Issues

Relias Learning returned to Magnovo for another charity team building workshop. This time, it was to wrap up their leadership summit.

relias learningEncouraging Leaders Through WheelCharity™

The group of 155 employees met at the Hilton Garden Inn in Cary, NC. Relias Learning was holding a leadership summit and wanted to enhance the hands-on aspect of the day in a tangible and outward-looking way. Magnovo’s charity team building workshops had been chosen by Relias for a previous event about a year ago. We were thrilled to return and conduct a WheelCharity™ workshop here. This group was a meeting of managers across the company. Folks hailed from different regions, and very few worked together in-person on a regular basis.

Helping Each Other, and Wheels for the World, in Cary, NC

We could tell by folks body language and demeanor that many were skeptical about this team building event. Everyone was game, though, and willing to give it a chance. We organized Relias employees into teams of 8-10 or so, and then explained how the WheelCharity™ event ran. Teams played games and competed for the parts necessary to assemble a wheelchair. Donated wheelchairs go to local nonprofit organizations. In this case, Relias Learning was donating the wheelchairs completed here to Wheels for the World in Cary, NC. This organization helps people around the world struggling with mobility issues.

There aren’t just any games that people get to play, however; they have been designed to allow participants to call on those skills and talents that serve them well in the workplace. Hard to define things like cooperation, collaboration, communication, and conflict resolution. While the end result might be the same as an afternoon of lecture-style classroom training, it feels like an afternoon of fun. People associate these games and challenges with positive experiences and improved interpersonal relationships, and those carry over from the WheelCharity™ event to the workplace.

Relias Learning’s Leadership Team Excels at WheelCharity™

Elizabeth Kelly, a representative of Wheels for the World, arrived at the end of the workshop. She was so happy to receive the 15 wheelchairs that the Relias teams had completed. Ms. Kelly spoke before the group for a few minutes, and shared some personal anecdotes about how these wheelchairs change lives. A few participants in this group – who were also part of the earlier Relias event in January – expressed how much they enjoyed the workshop. It was a great way for Relias Learning to kick off their leadership summit!