Relias Learning Goes All In for the Food Bank of Durham, NC


Relias Learning wanted a customized workshop for a group of 150 sales team members. We met them in Durham, NC, on a cold January day, but the action inside was so energetic, you’d never know it.

relias learningTailoring Puttin’ Pantry™ for Relias Learning

Last time we met with Relias Learning, we did a Puttin’ Pantry™ charity team building workshop for them. This time, we modified the program a bit to better meet their needs for this group. Fortunately, the space we had at the Durham Convention Center was perfect. It was roomy, so groups had plenty of room to work. This was a much larger group than the one we worked with last time.

Instead of having teams build a mini golf course with donated non-perishables, we had them build sculptures. The key elements of our workshop remained the same, though. Our games and activities emphasize important workplace skills. Teams negotiate, communicate, manage resources, and use feedback to improve from one task to the next.

Food Sculpture Workshop for Food Bank of Durham

The generosity of Relias Learning employees was staggering. We had more than 3,000 items donated by participants that day! All items were for the Durham Branch of the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina. The group divided into 20 teams. After a brief ice-breaker game, we moved on to games and challenges. Popular games included Dice Bank, Flip Cup, Wordles, and Cup Stack. Everyone was enthusiastic! Each team played hard to earn the items used in its sculpture. Teams got to work building within the time allotted. Then, teams voted on the best sculpture. It was a nail-biter for sure, and the competition was so intense that we had two winners!

Paying It Forward In Durham, NC

Relias Learning reserved a few minutes of time at the end of the program. We arranged for Carter Crain from the Food Bank of Durham to come and accept the donation of food items in person. He was thrilled to see such a sizeable donation to the food bank. Mr. Crain said a few words to the group who’d assembled after the winning teams were chosen. He thanked everyone for their donations and their strong support. We took many pictures of teams and their sculptures, promising to forward them to the food bank and Relias Learning.

The leadership team at Relias Learning was very happy with the results of the workshop. The customizations we made fit the group well. Participants were vocal about how rewarding the program was. Many also said they would like to do it again someday.