Quick Quote Wednesdays: Aim for Success Every Day

Constant dripping wears away stone. ~Old Chinese Proverb

In layman’s terms, you need perseverance and constant effort in order to achieve success. But in today’s world, achieving success is just the first phase.

You need to aim for success every day!

The next phase involves staying successful, and for that you need constant effort as well. As eminent entrepreneur and sales trainer Tom Black once said, “Success is not something you own; it’s something you rent, and the rent is due every day. When you stop paying rent on success, you start paying the rent on failure.”

Avoiding Self-Satisfaction

Aim for Success Every Day - Tom Black
It’s natural and good to celebrate success. After all, your efforts have paid off and now you’ve reached great professional heights. Celebrating that achievement is a good thing, because you know that you’ve worked hard for it.
But the problem here is that you should know when to stop celebrating and to start working to keep your place at the top. Resting on your laurels quickly can very well lead you to failure. Take the case of Donald Trump. He’s a very successful entrepreneur now, and he had attained successful even at the beginning of his career. But that early success didn’t last. Four years after he published The Art of the Deal in 1987, mounting debts forced Trump to declare business bankruptcy and he was also on the brink of personal bankruptcy. But that didn’t discourage him and instead he changed his game and worked even harder.

Fighting Fatigue At The Top

Admittedly, it’s not always easy to motivate yourself to stay at the top. Success in business is not like climbing a mountain, wherein you can rest awhile at the top. It’s more like running a treadmill – you have to pump your legs to keep your place. And that kind of effort can get tiring so you have to dig deep to find the motivation to work hard.
The sports world is full of examples for this situation. Mike Tyson, for example, lost to Buster Douglas after unifying the heavyweight division, and “Iron Mike” thought he was invincible even though he didn’t work hard at developing his skills.
Reading examples from both the business world and the sporting world is quite apt when you think about it. That’s because being successful in either world makes you a target. It’s not really paranoia to think that people are out to get you, because they really are out to get you. The others also want to be the most successful people in your field, and your proper response is not to derail their efforts, but to boost your own.
Honing your skills with leadership exercises, presentation skills training, and conflict management methods will help to give you the skills necessary to stay at the top of your game. Remember that you can’t do things alone, and your success hinges on the team you surround yourself with. Let us show you how to maximize the time and effort that you put into yourself and your skillset, and keep yourself at the top of the heap!

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