Public Speaking Advice to Ease Your Nerves

If you are uncomfortable with public speaking, there is a bounty of public speaking advice that can put you at ease.

Public Speaking Advice to Ease Your NervesPrepare Your Speech

The one way to make sure you have a succinct, clear and effective presentation is to prepare it. Make sure that your speech has a logical sequence, flowing from an opening into key points and then closing with a summary of all of the information you covered. The more you rehearse your speech the more comfortable and confident you will be. If you know where you will be speaking, try to find out the logistics of the stage or setting that you will be using to avoid running into any obstacles.

Visual Aids Can Go a Long Way

Another bit of public speaking advice is to use visual aids to support your speech and engage your audience. Make sure that the visual aids that you use are colorful enough to grab the attention of your audience and unique enough to ensure that your audience hasn’t seen them before. Some of the visual aids that you can use are photographs, charts, graphs, and diagrams that coincide with what you are saying to emphasize your points. Remember, a picture can be worth a thousand words. If you do decide to use visual aids, do not let them deter you from maintaining eye contact and interacting with the audience. Also, if you decide to supplement your speech with handouts, save time and avoid distractions by handing them out before or after the speech.

Let Your Body Help You Do the Talking

Another piece of public speaking advice is to use your body to your advantage. Your body can be your best tool when it comes to emphasizing a point or clarifying words. Let your body do some of the talking for you and aid you in imparting your own enthusiasm and sincerity. Eye contact is extremely important when you are speaking before a group, as it will help you create a bond with your audience. Try to keep nervous mannerisms to a minimum as they will distract the audience. Also, use the stage to your advantage. When you change your topic, move to another position, and when you ask the audience questions move toward them.

Keep Confidence Close At Hand

Though all of this public speaking advice is important, your confidence in what you are saying and how you are saying it is key to the success of your speech. Don’t underestimate the benefits of practicing, and then practicing a bit more. The more confident you are, the more believable you are.