PTC Builds Back-to-School Backpacks for Local Kids

PTC Therapeutics is an amazing company doing groundbreaking work with young men who have a particular variety of Muscular Dystrophy, among other very important missions. For this workshop, we had physicians, scientists, and project managers in attendance. This was an international community, people from across the globe.

So, as you can see, the group was very diverse and full of leaders and high level professionals.

Workshops Make Great Breaks During Conventions

The group from PTC Therapeutics was attending a convention at the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, NJ. There were lots of speakers, so this highly interactive workshop was a welcome break from all that sitting and listening they were doing.

PTC Therapeutics

As is typical with this type of convention, time ran over from the speakers so there was actually only one hour to complete the workshop. Since there was no set-up time allotted, we were grateful that the Hyatt staff were so helpful. They were kind enough to give us the empty ballroom to use so the group could just walk over from the room in which they were working. It worked out nicely.

These Were Some Highly Engaged Scientists!

The group of 50 was enthusiastic and energetic. The workshop facilitator began by introducing himself and greeting them in each of their languages. Of course, they thought was a very cool touch.

Then it was right into a fun game of “Have you ever?” To save time the group was kept in one big circle, then paired up to do “Mirror Me” and “Visual Thinker” both of which everyone enjoyed. These were all various types of ice breakers, which serve to warm up the group and get the blood flowing after sitting all day listening to convention speakers.

With them paired up already, the facilitator then distributed eye masks and explained the process for building the backpacks. This unconventional way of doing things was really funny and everyone seemed to like it. In case you were wondering, these were back-to-school backpacks for kids, and this was a Mission: Kids Care workshop.

After the backpacks were completed everyone got together for a group photo.

Youth Empowerment Arrives at the End

Barry from Youth Empowered showed up at 5:15 with 3 children to receive the backpacks. He explained about the organization and presented a framed certificate to the group. Then a final picture was taken with everyone. The group broke away at 5:30 as there was a dinner at 6.