Pleasant Valley Schools: All About the Kids (and the Bikes!)

How does a brand new Superintendent successfully introduce herself to the district school leadership and start her leadership off well? A Magnovo Charity Team Building workshop of course!

Bicycle Charity Workshops offer all sorts of rewards: the chance to give back, a way to strengthen your team, and a way to fulfill your company’s philanthropic mission. But on this particular day last August, Pleasant Valley Schools sent us a group with a specific goal in mind. That goal? Getting to know their brand-new Superintendent.

Building Bicycles Together

Pleasant Valley SchoolsHaving experienced a Magnovo event previously, Superintendent Ramsey knew this would be a great gift to the staff and would certainly draw them closer as a team. She chose the Bike-a-Thon™ event, one of the most popular team building workshops on the menu.

It’s popular because we haven’t met a person yet who doesn’t clearly see the good this workshop does in the community. When local kids get bikes, their eyes light up and you can see for yourself the possibilities unfolding in their minds. Kids and bikes just go together, and this workshop helps make that possible.

The group chose their charity partner, too: they would be donating the bikes to 6 deserving children through the Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo, California, just down the street from several of the schools.

Surprise! You’re Building Bicycles Today!

The event was designed to be a surprise to the staff and it certainly was. Until halfway through the event these principals, district staff and other leadership within the schools didn’t even know they would be assembling bikes, let alone actually presenting them to children.

It was fantastic to see a group of people so excited to be together coming off of Summer break. We also witnessed the love they truly have for the kids they work with. It was so evident as the group excitedly presented the bikes to the kids, helped to personally adjust the seats & handlebars.

Then, they ran around the room with the kids as they tested out the brand new bikes. No one wanted to leave the room when it was over. From our point of view, these were the kind of people you would want your kids to go to school with.

The Camarillo school district and indeed all the parents too, can be proud! These leaders and administrators definitely showed they’re all about the kids. Teamwork was just a natural outcropping of that desire to do great things. No that’s a great way to run a workshop!