Personality Assessment Training at FSU

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The goal at Fayetteville State University: team synergy.

The tool:  DISC personality assessment training for which no one is better equipped than Magnovo.

Basically, synergy happens when “the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.” It’s true that the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle said it first, but nobody owns it like Magnovo!  

Our leadership training and professional development model are team-based. And as another wise man said, T.E.A.M. means “together, everyone achieves more.” Personality assessment training opens the door to building strong teams.

FSU: academic forerunner

Fayetteville State University or FSU is a historically black university with a 150-year-old tradition of academic excellence.  It has been a threshold to the professional world for hundreds of thousands of North Carolina students.  More than 90 percent of the 6,300 students are from the Tar Heel State.

Established in 1867, FSU offers 33 undergraduate degrees including sociology, business, chemistry, computer science, education, biology, visual arts, music, and nursing.

Their 8 Masters degree programs include education, psychology, criminal justice, and social work. And a Ph.D. is offered in educational leadership.

Personality assessment training goals

FSC invited Magnovo to work with 30 university leaders to improve their team synergy by accomplishing 6 goals:

  1. sharpen their understanding of  their perceived personality weaknesses;
  2. become more effective communicators;
  3. build a more dynamic sense of camaraderie;
  4. develop stronger networking skills;
  5. identify creative ways to inspire the group; and
  6. reinforce the culture of learning.

DISC personality assessment training is the key to all 6 goals. Why? Understanding each of the personalities involved can bind a group together. And as a group, they can transform into a team.  

DISC is an acronym that refers to 4 personality types:

  1. Dominant personalities are just that. They stand out. Lead. Win.
  2. Influential personalities have never met a stranger. They’re gregarious and enjoy being in the spotlight.
  3. Steadiness is a virtue of the humble, tactful, patient personality type. They don’t like the spotlight. These steady teammates shine from the shadows.
  4. Conscientiousness is fundamental to this studious, analytical, and systematic personality type.

We’re all a little of each and a lot of one. Recognizing who we are and how we appear to others can make us more valuable employees Accepting others as they are and learning how to work with them can make us better team members.

Magnovo’s CEO, Rob Jackson facilitated this workshop and enjoyed every moment. FSU is a favorite client and they’ve asked him to return next year. And he’s more than happy to oblige because every trip to Fayetteville is like coming home! You see, he attended high school not far from the FSU campus.