Overcoming Anxiety on Your Next Presentation

Hi, this is Rob Jackson with Magnovo Training Group with another tip on overcoming anxiety on your next presentation.
One of the most important things you can do with any speech to overcome that anxiety is to practice that speech. They say the difference between the amateur and the professional is practice, practice. That’s one of the things that you need to do to be very comfortable if you’re talking about the pristine element missing in there. You need to practice but you need to practice with a person.

If you can’t do it in front of a mirror, you can’t do it, try it down the road. The problem with that is you have no rapport with your audience. There’s no feedback. You’re not getting anything. You’re not getting advice. You’re not being told things that are good, the things that they’re a little bit challenging.
Overcoming Anxiety on Your Next PresentationSo by doing it in front of a person, you’ll get that feedback. You just have to look in their eyes. You know that face look they give if you’re not making a whole lot of sense to. That’s the kind of feedback you need.So the next time they’re going to give a very important tip, grab your spouse, your co-worker, your friends and say, can I just do my presentation in front of you. Can I practice in front of you? Even if they’re not great presenting your self where they got pretty good advice on how you can look more natural and feel a lot more comfortable. You would be setting anxiety. There is your tip for the day.