Oliver Healthcare Packaging Comes Together to Aid WheelCharity in Charlotte, NC

A company that provides sterile, protective packaging for medical tools and devices hosted a charity fundraiser to benefit disabled veterans.

Oliver Healthcare Packaging Starting 2018 With a Bang in Charlotte, NC

Oliver Healthcare Packaging’s sales team, gathered for an hour-long meeting in the chic and modern Hilton Charlotte Center City, was excited as, for many of them, this would be their first team building event ever. Their excitement and enthusiasm were matched only by their passion for raising money through WheelCharity, which would supply the Disabled American Veterans with the means to help those in need.

Oliver Healthcare’s employees were passionate about the minigames we had selected for them, and the hotel filled with laughter as the teams all competed to win the gold but rooted for each others’ success at the same time. Pretty good, for a group of complete team building newbies – in fact, many of them had such a good time that they expressed interest in the possibility of other philanthropic events in the future.

Giving the Gift of Mobility to Those Who Needed It Most

While everyone was having a good time, no one ever lost focus on the ultimate goal: providing help where it was needed most. At the wrap-up of the event, the North Carolina Commander of the Disabled American Veterans, Kristofer Knowlton, brought the crowd to tears after revealing their generosity would enable the DAV to receive 7 wheelchairs – and that the organization already had 6 disabled veterans waiting for new wheelchairs of their own!

This made it a true red-letter day for Oliver, especially considering it was then revealed by the company’s president that the WheelCharity event was the largest ever philanthropic gift Oliver had ever presented to any organization, ever – and the one that had the most significant impact on the entire community.

It’s clear that Oliver Healthcare Packaging’s sales team learned some important lessons about doing the most good for those who needed it, all while learning about how you can achieve such philanthropic goals while working together as a team. Based on the success of this one, we’re sure that it’s just a matter of time before Oliver holds yet another charity team building event!