Novartis’s Mission: Military Care for Puerto Rico – Accomplished!

Novartis’ recent leadership summit was enhanced by the group’s Mission: Military Care™ charity team building workshop. In planning the event, we learned that the company wanted to help the folks suffering the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. They also wanted to support a local food pantry during the holiday season. We happily customized their workshop, incorporating activities that also strengthened interpersonal relationships at work.

novartisMission: Military Care™ in Hanover, NJ

The company booked a large ballroom at the Hanover Marriott in Hanover, New Jersey for the event. Participants enjoyed speakers and presentations and then broke into teams of 8-10 to carry out the Mission: Military Care™ activities. Employees here demonstrate a commitment to helping people every day, simply by the nature of their work for a pharmaceutical company. Completing a Mission: Military Care™ service project reveals that commitment in a visual, hands-on way. It hits home for participants and strengthens the bonds among them.

Teams competed for items to place in their care packages through games like Air Counting and Flip the Cup. Everyone had a great time and really got into the spirit of friendly competition. They cheered each other on, and even one-upping each other during challenges! A hush swept the room when teams realized just how many items they’d collected for their care packages.

Novartis Goes the Extra Mile

The organizers of the Novartis leadership summit took their event to the next level. They concurrently ran a food drive to benefit a local food pantry. In addition to the dozens of Mission: Military Care™ packages that were created, Novartis employees collected 900 pounds of food, plus bags of children’s toys and games, and personal hygiene products!

Care packages and food pantry donations were packed for delivery by volunteers. It was quite possibly the most generous collection of items we’ve ever seen! The workshop was scheduled between two other meetings, and so we had to work fast, but people were so enthusiastic, no one felt rushed.

One Hour to Change Lives

It was hard to believe all that the group accomplished in only one hour! Novartis employees not only helped their friends and neighbors but also fellow Americans in Puerto Rico, while improving their own workplace. It was easy to see how a single social mission has a ripple effect, benefiting all involved. Participant feedback touched on how good it felt to be able to take real action to help others in need, and also share that mission with colleagues.