The Microsoft Team Jumps to It at Their WheelCharity Event in Redmond, WA

The Microsoft Team Jumps to It at Their WheelCharity Event in Redmond, WA

This was a WheelCharity Workshop we held for 120 hardworking members of the Microsoft team at their campus in Redmond, WA. Everything about the facilities was polished and impressive, including the Conference Center where we staged the event. After an understandably slow start, the team was well on its way to becoming WheelCharity legends in the space of just a few minutes. And the rest of the workshop was more of the same, with everyone going all out to deliver Medical Teams International as many wheelchairs as possible.

The Microsoft Team Was a Big Group With Big Goals

microsoftAt Microsoft, October is a month that’s devoted to a variety of events and activities where the employees go out into the community and give back to it in many impressive ways. Needless to say, this trend continued during our WheelCharity Workshop as the Microsoft people took a hard-earned break from important meetings to mingle with one another and improve their teamwork skills.

It was a diverse group, with representatives from so many different countries that we couldn’t keep track of them all. It was important to get off to a quick start with such a large group, but the Microsoft team made it easier with a great deal of enthusiasm and energy. After diving the group into teams of 6-7 people, everyone got comfortable and we were ready to get the activities started.

These activities include a couple of warm-up games and a pair of simple projects that were custom designed to encourage interaction, creativity, and collaboration among different team members. Knowing it would motivate them even further, we peppered all the events with friendly competitions that kept them engaged and prepared them for the Wheelchair Assembly phase of the Workshop.

Medical Teams International Took Home the Prizes

Impressive as their performance was, it did not surprise us in the least to see the Microsoft team breeze through the parts earning phase and start assembling the wheelchairs. We knew from our briefings that this was a hardworking and dedicated group, especially when they were donating the result to a worthy cause like Medical Teams International. They had a representative present to receive the wheelchairs and his gratitude was just icing on the cake.

This workshop was truly a win-win situation. The Microsoft team had fun and improved their teamwork skills while giving back to the community and Medical Teams International made off with lots of fantastic wheelchairs to give to families in need.

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