Medtronic Training Day Helps Local Kids, Too

Medtronic Training Day Helps Local Kids, Too

Medtronic’s sales team came together for a training session that opened their eyes to more than just improved selling skills and techniques with Magnovo’s Mission: Kids Care™ program.Medtronic

Helping All-American Kids in an All-American Setting

We met a group of about 30 men and women in a large conference room at the JW Marriott near the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. This was a comfortable space that allowed for ease of moving around once we broke out into our group activities.

The program opened with a brief overview of the sales tools we’d be practicing through our Mission: Kids Care™ program. We briefly discussed how it helped local children. Some participants were really surprised at just how many school supplies children were expected to arrive in their classrooms with on the first day of school. And many were downright shocked at the estimated cost of all these school supplies. The mood of the room shifted a bit, from competitive to motivated.

Medtronic Makes A Difference for Simon Says Give

Medtronic’s sales representatives divided into teams and we dug right in. A major theme of the day was the value of preparation. We discussed how critical it was to sales interactions with clients, and how that same concept was important for student success.

Each team was given several kids’ backpacks. We designed our activities to support sales training. As teams quizzed, raced, and challenged each other, they reinforced new skills and earned school supplies. The school supplies were packed into the bags by Medtronic participants. All of the participants also wrote notes to wish kids luck in the new school year.

The Mission: Kids Care™ backpacks that we assembled were donated to Simon Says Give. This local charity supports area families. The representative who accepted the donations shared a few stories about kids and families helped by programs like this one. Medtronic employees asked questions and spoke, too, about their own school experiences.

A Successful Training Day in Bloomington, MN

As our time with Medtronic wound down, we invited all the teams back together as a group to debrief. People talked about how much they learned. They said they appreciated the chance to practice sales skills while helping local kids, too. What started out as a disparate group of sales representatives assigned to a training event grew into a group of like-minded folks motivated to hone their skills while helping others.

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